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2022 - what a year!

Happy Christmas from the Dotty Dogs (and me!)

Well what a year 2022 turned out to be!

Putting aside the many significant world events of 2022, the last 12 months did bring some good news.

Here are my top 10 Dotty Dog highlights

1. Designed and illustrated a range of greeting cards for Moonpig Australia.
They included a kangaroo and a koala (I know, too obvious right!?)

2. Launched the Pencil Portrait Project
Born from my huge passion to develop my drawing skills,
I opened my commissions book up for 6 pencil portraits mid-2022
(but my inability to say no resulted in me drawing 16 beautiful dog portraits)

3. Became a Faire Wholesale Stockist
Connected with some awesome new stockists in the UK and USA.

4. Got Covid!
It was rubbish!

5. Illustrated a range of cards for Scribbler
Dream Stockist resulting in a lot of happy dancing!

6. Met Dame Mary Berry
I know I promised not to accidentally drop this into every single conversation from this day forward...
but we're basically besties now.

7. Had a fight with a Forklift Truck in my Land Rover
I was involved in a crash where my Landy was hit by a forklift truck and spun off the road.
Thankfully nobody was seriously hurt but my Landy took a serious battering...
2-1/2 months out of action but now happily back on the road again.

8. Raised £1,700.00 for Dogs on the Streets through the sales of the bespoke Dotty Dog Christmas Cards
Making the total raised so far an amazing £8,430.00
(you can read all about why I work with DOTS in my latest blog)

9. Judged the 'craziest ears' competition for the 'End BSL Charity Pet Show'
My favourite on-line dog show ever!
Campaigning to end BSL (Breed Specific Legislation)
- all dogs are equal regardless of their radically different appearances.
(you can read more about this on the RSPCA website)

10. Joined TikTok!
Mainly because I'm just super cool...😂

Thank you again for travelling this crazy journey with me, I literally couldn't do it without you. 

I'm super excited for 2023 and I hope I'll catch up in person then too!

Have a lovely day and a very happy Christmas

lots of love from Kathy and the Dotty gang xxxx

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