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Dogs on the Streets Fundraising

Christmas card featuring a staffy dog wearing a Christmas hat

I chose to fundraise for Dogs on the Streets soon after they launched in 2017.

Above all because I believe that every dog matters.

Dogs on the Streets (DOTS) is a volunteer run, not for profit charity dedicated to the welfare of dogs belonging to the UK's homeless.

It's pretty factual to say that my own Dotty Dogs are totally spoiled, which I'm really ok with! Every dog deserves the best and DOTS provides the best care for the UK's street dogs and their owners.

Being warm and comfortable day-to-day are simple basic rights that belong to every person (and their dog).

whippet dog sniffing Christmas card on a beach

Through art we can change the world so I figured why not send some love in the shape of a Christmas card.

I work behind the scenes drawing illustrations of beautiful street dogs and then I create luxury Christmas cards to raise funds for DOTS.

I produce the highest quality Christmas cards, printed on FSC certified 300gsm textured board paired with re-cycled kraft envelopes and packed in fives, wrapped in a belly band (no unnecessary single use plastic here!)

2021's Christmas card featured this beautiful staffy in his oversized jumper.

2022's illustration featured Londons iconic red bus!

Here are the numbers to date...


2018 = £650.00
2019 = £1,400.00
2020 = £2,935.00
2021 = £1,745.00
2022 = £1,700.00

Total raised = £8,430.00

It's been a difficult few years for everyone, the Covid pandemic has seen a lot of changes.

We are living in ever changing and difficult times and this winter will unquestionably be even more challenging for the UK's homeless and their dogs.

But together we can make a difference.

Thank you to everyone for supporting these fundraisers, we always sell out really quickly - thank you!

To check out all the amazing and selfless work that Dogs on the Streets do you can go to their website.


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