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Product photo shoot - at the beach.

Greeting Card featuring a superhero dog

Armed with greeting cards and three unruly dogs I ventured on a photo shoot to the beach...

Don’t get me wrong I love a good flat lay photo as much as the next person but I love the great outdoors so much more, so my somewhat kooky idea to shoot my products outdoors was born.

If I could share my illustrations with the world and at the same time keep it real to who I am and what I love, then outdoors with my dogs was the only setting to be honest.

Kerry from Fur and Fables took on the somewhat unorthodox challenge, not only is she a bloody amazing photographer she also knows dogs, she has dogs (lots of dogs) and she came loaded with dog treats.

So how did it go?

In a word it was chaos!

Whippet Greeting Card

We arrived at West Wittering Beach where my dogs thought the day was all about them as they embarked on a frenzy of charging in and out of the sea and rolling in all the seaweed and sand - all perfect pre-photo-shoot activities...

There was definitely a point where I thought that it might have been one gigantic mistake and perhaps this wasn’t the best way to enhance my product photos, but through all of the chaos Kerry was simply amazing.

Greeting Card and poodle

Would I do it again?

100% I would!

It was not only a productive day where Kerry created amazing photos for Dotty Dog, it was also the best and funniest day.

A day spent working with lovely people, in beautiful locations, with my dogs in tow is a good days work in my book.

Dotty Dog Art Dogs
And I can't recommend Kerry from Fur and Fables highly enough, a hugely talented photographer and a total beaut of a person too!
West Wittering Beach is totally stunning and has a big dog friendly section and I would highly recommend a visit if you get a chance.


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  • Absolutely brilliant

    Love everything you do

    Well done Kathy x

    Penny Toll

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